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Books Online

Page history last edited by Linda 12 years, 5 months ago

What kids online are - what expectations are of them - what's the scope of kids books online


Jeff Kineey - Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online


Graphic novels online


Seeing more kids literature online


Giving access to books kids might already read in a different format


When kids read online - download ebooks - removes context for reader and librarian


What are the statistics for downloadable books


What about tumble books


Wouldn't it be great if books were available on xbox, PSP, etc.


Scholastic bookflicks - taking about Weston Woods iconographic films still popular with young people - what is the appeal - the library the perfect place for the book discussion via VoiceThread - using multimedia tools to have inclusive book discussions - having a live discussion with people who might not even come to the library - using Good Reads as a way to have book discussion


What's the connection to teh physical object


Building a sidewalk where people are walking meataphor


Making sure that libaries have multiple formats - more engaging that you can make the experience


Promoting book discussion groups for kids who read in a wide variety of formats


Expand to online book discussions - keeping the conversastion going - everyone has the story


Using Good Reads to have book discussions, parent/child book discussions, etc. 


The books don't have to be online the platform is what's online


If you like this story look at the variety of ways to read it - video, audio, book, online


How do we help adults understand that reading doesn't have to mean book?


Where does expectation from parents when it comes to books come from?





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