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libraries compete with bookstore convenience, *convenience*, libs offer something can't get anywhere else, do it in the library?


storytimes - now ppl want t2 bring food, come late, do we need 2 rethink our storytimes al2gether? now more ppl coming 2 prgrms, they say they r gettingw hat they want 4rom prgrams. ppl coming 4 movies, food & other activities, so more family prgams, moving 2 "experience" 4 comm.


getting away from sterile setting & go 4 comfy, hanging out space,


change thinking 4rom competition 2 collaboration & partner with these orgs. libs know the ppl in the comm. & r friendly ppl more successful libs as result.


we need 2 have ppl coming in, 2 check out stuff, etc 2 justify funding & financial support, offer things that cretae environment,


evolve with society, tech is a part of that


teaching of tech 2 parents (!) STAHMoms huge market, no1 teaching computer/media lit, wide open opportunity there


libs been helping ppl 4 ages, but put personal touch on it & seems 2 enrich


free is our market?


other departments within the org can b our competition,


personal exp. starts not in the CR, but at the front door, whole staff needs 2 believe in srvs 2 youth.


2 much success can shoot ourselves in the foot, promoting programs brings in 2 many ppl, more strain on staff


what r the input mechanisms? 

Kids Advisory Boards (3rd-6th gr), important to deliver on what kids suggest,

Parent groups, might suggest things that don't work in the real world

help any groups find ways to fit within the library's guidelines/parameters


bringing ppl in comm 2gether over current events, in comm space, etc.


life-long learning, discovery, STORY is important, opp 4 a market there


freedom of pub libs is okay 2 fail!


passive comfort

experiential comfort


harder 2 market experiential, chairs market themselves,


effort, figuring out how 2 collaborate, less about competition

*collboration, participation exceitement could b a diff 4rm B&N storytime,


parents/adults not engaging with the kids,

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