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Digital Storytelling

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Notes : Digital Storytelling


Voice Thread :  (voicethread.com) : upload images creating 'slides' and provide narration.  It is unique because other people can contribute audio commentary/conversation, creating an online discussion, for example.


users watch/listen!  when they show up on your library website (as obvious/findable links). 

Linda demonstrates voicethread and it has facility for audio and text commentary from participants. 

Seems to have remarkable capacity for storytelling and education.


NYPL digital connection is available to upload into voicethread presentations.


Local stories can be told through this medium using local history collections, such as images that have been digitized and then stories voiced over the pictures adding to the record.


Voice threads can be public or private; commenters need to register.  commenters leave a digital footprint as a record of participation/commentary.


Marketed to teachers who have found them useful when sharing with their students. 

Potential for librarians to have children contribute to the storytelling by providing images or voice over to the images.


Jing (Jingproject.com) - a free downloadable program provides platform for audio/video creation includiing Voice Thread  Jing is a screenshot -- nore static than voiceover.  Jing is dependent upon your screen capture.


Creating stores on JING - you can upload your still or moving images and then do the voice over of the text of the story.


Pay version of JING (14.95 annual fee) -- you can edit (very helpful). 


Anna (Darien) has used Jingto provide tutorials

         examples how to tag items



Animoto : (Animoto.com free (has limitations - but there is an educator account that is free with full options) is theEASIEST !  It is mostly photos.  Provides ability to create a video from the photos, i.e. illustrated/animated slideshow, with music.  A way of tetlling stories about programs. There is no voice over unless your record yourself first and then upload the voiceover -- this demands alot of work to sychronize voice witht he image progression.  But it is doable ( if you're Linda B.!).  Otherwise they provide music and templates for its animations,  but not the capacity to voice over.  Animoto as social network tool. 


Video Book trailers are a way of storytelling that kids are utilizing



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