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Future of KidLibship

Page history last edited by Gretchen Caserotti 12 years, 5 months ago

future - life will be tech-centric, personal and business communities merged, lib services change as result, micro-computing down to one device for everything,


fear is a big obstacle, digital divide also issue


tech creates new behaviors with public, parents, ppl want immediacy, evolutionary wiring doesn't change as fast as tech does. *I think so eye-tracking software show chanhes happening.

ppl voting with thier attn! how is it changing relationships? play is important, how does it fit in?


tech can support play, libraries r poised 2 fit comm 2 support play, discovery, we need 2 rethink vision of collections.


but we are holding onto the past! and control.


we need 2 create space  4kids to have voice


news is changing and way info passed is diff. result is new way of balancing what ppl want w/ things to teach and expand their world.


coll dev want 2 hear vs. need 2 hear.


information verification - librarians can become the help to verify, process, evaulate decide.


critical thinking desirable skill 4 us 2 teach.


how do we balance individ. moment with the sheer volume of patrons in pub libs.

librarians r informal teachers, every moment is a teaching opportunity

the ability to assist a person anywhere on the globe, 2 access, 2 experience, is more than ever b4 - tremendous opportunity!

so many choices 4 our kids, can we extend our reach?


tech in spaces 2 participate more actively, 2 help shape their choices,


who is doing that? no one else!


physical computing along with micro-computing is where tech is headed


privacy, is there a choice? do kids care?


how do we prepare ourselves as professionals to stay ahead of the curve?


balance users who want traditional services with being leaders, challenge is willingness of ppl 2 try change


goal is 2 have lifelong learners


what is it that we don't have to do anymore? weed the books when new ones come in, same thing applies 2 tech & srvs.


is it new info or repackaged? same stories,


parents/caregivers will be key to success of future, we have responsiblity 2 teach parents abt media literacy, not just how 2 read a book, but also how 2 use computers, & tools - we have 2 engage them more & provide learning opps 4 them, we need 2 teach them how to balance, diff medias are not mutually exclusive,


kidlibs have responsibilty 2 give positive feedback 2 parents/caregivers,


kids model behaviors, not just reading, but also using computers & phones


kids used to being instructed by others, we need 2 encourage them to self-teach!


libraries 3rd place, notion that everything opens up to smaller & smaller, library as phiscal space is expanding, hasn't changed, but more important are relationships/personal services (transcend physical space).


integrating research & science back into svcs,

libraries have human beings, KINDESS, that other compaines don't (amazon)

IDEAL, and then we have practice. we have responsiblity 2 bring our coleagues who r behind up 2 speed & challenge them


teaching/learning - step up consideration in svcs

collaboration - enage kids & adults in learning exp.

phiscal spaces - make the library the 3rd place

libs of future need 2 go beyond the walls of physical bldg.

kidlibs need 2 b advocates 4 lib & in comm.

help kids bcome creators, not just absorbers


kids don't see tech as sep. 2 them tech is integrated. we need 2 have that mentality as well.


in choosing this prof. we took on a social respon. 2 our comm 2 b the best - we demonstrate core/traditional values.



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