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Super Awesome First-Ever KidLib Camp Ideas

Page history last edited by Lynne Perrigo 12 years, 3 months ago

Here are some of the thoughts and ideas that crystalized in the brains and came out of the mouths of our attendees at the end of the day.


During the e-books discussion:

How about using GoodReads for book discussion with kids?  Might be fun as an added layer to book discussion groups.  It's being done!


During the competion discussion:

What are our strengths in terms of competition with other organizations and services that are now "competing" with us, especially in this day and age when Pottery Barn is offering storytimes for children.

Social networking and programming revelation:  Hey!  Our patrons are interested in us personally!  How does that impact our professionalism as we relate to patrons online?  People crave human connection.  We invest ourselves into our space and into our community, so no wonder people are interested in us, which is funny because we are traditionally--as librarians--arbiters of people's privacy.  We still respect people's privacy, even in the context of a reference interview.


Digital Storytelling discussion:

Linda did a really good demonstration of VoiceThread during the digital storytelling discussion so go to the notes for that and check out some of the links - very relevant.  VoiceThread would be a simple way to do booktalks!


Complete mayhem during our summary discussion:

Social networking must have a "what's in it for me" component in order to entice people to learn the software.  We no longer have the time to learn all of the software in order to teach people new technologies.  Facebook has the visible benefit of enabling people to connect, so the adult population has jumped on board.  Flip side #1:  people who are in library school are now growing up with technology and won't need to learn the new software.  Flip side #2:  there will always be new technologies.  Is there a point where the individuals in a society experience technology overload?  (yes!)


What should the first technology experience of a child be?  Virtually every battery-operated toy for children under five years is a piece of "technology."  How many children will grow up to be fat and have carpal tunnel syndrome?


Wow-I can't type fast enough here.


Language acquisiton in children relies a lot on physical interaction with other humans and the whole sensory experience.


See notes on the individual



Grown Up Digital is the sequel to Growing Up Digital and is highly recommended.  Less academic than Born Digital.


(notes by Lynne--I had fun!)



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