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tech use of kids under5

Page history last edited by Gretchen Caserotti 12 years, 5 months ago

good ways tech can by used, but mass market toys 4 profit dominate


kids love buttons!


some computers dedicated 4 younger kids, preloaded software, bilingual models, no internet, guided, AWE stations work 4 some libraries, many of the computers are expensive!


Assoc American Pediatrics - evidence showing no developmental benefit 2 using computers in young children. kids need to experience and learn 4rm phisical world 1st b4 virtual/digital.


conflicting feelings about tech under 5. is there a benefit? in libraries, feeling is here for books 4rm some.




books based on TV shows choices balanced, determined by the community (e.g. Dora, Barbie)


libs can provide tools & resources 4 kids & parents,


digital tools becoming more web-based, less console/system based.


ESL, sepcial needs - autism bundle ($4,000) assistive technology, adapted touch screen computer 4 autistic kids, sensorial space in the library, carpet squares, books dvds, listening stations etc.


dialogic reading we teach parents how to ask questions with books (media), how do we ask questions and teach parents how to use computers with their kids.


interesting to observe parents succeed and fail to inform us


2nd set of headphones at the computers might encourage more participation by parents?


having a "real" computer might send the message that parents need 2 b more involved?  room4 research in this area!


what can kids take home like they love doing crafts if in a tech program?


tech is always a socio-economic issue no matter how old


can't be a gimmick, has to have a reason, resonance, result.



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